The Editors of the Human Resource Management Journal are inviting submissions for Reviews, Provocations, Methodology Papers and Registered Reports.

  • Provocations challenge the conventional wisdom in the specific area of HR research and practice, or propose a new way forward for future research.
  • Review papers could be systematic or conceptual reviews, or thought pieces exploring a controversy or new direction of research.

We are inviting 2,000-word (excluding references) proposals from those interested in submitting a Provocation or Review paper. Proposals should be submitted between 1 April and 1 May 2022.

  • Methodology papers could introduce methodological advances from other fields, banish methodological superstitions, or offer insights into how methods could better be used.
  • Authors of registered reports initially seek peer review on the “front half” of their paper before data are collected, with empirical results and discussed reviewed later after an acceptance “in principle”.

Authors are invited to submit methodology papers and registered reports to any issue via our regular submission process.

More details on all formats can be found here: HERE