Can workers be organised if the state isn’t?Digitalisation, work and employment in emerging and developing economies

10:00 – 11:30, Tuesday 10 May 2022, in person at Alliance MBS (Online also available)

The Fourth Annual Work and Equalities Institute lecture will be hosted by Professor Fang Lee Cooke, Monash Business School, Monash University.

The role of the state in work and employment has traditionally been examined primarily at the macro level, focusing on its role as a regulator and employer in the context of employment relations.

Informed by the recently renewed research interest in the role of the state and governance theory, and drawing on empirical evidence of recent development in the emerging and developing economy context, Fang will explore the role of the state as a key institutional actor in shaping the adoption of digital technology at macro and micro levels, with implications for work, employment and human resource management across different sectors and segments of workforce.

There will be refreshments beforehand with opportunities for networking for those who attend the event in person at Alliance MBS.

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