Call for Abstracts for INDL Conference

The department of Sociology of NKUA, would like to draw your attention to the forthcoming conference “Features and futures of digital labor”. The focus of the Conference is on the digital transformation of labor and labor management. The conference and the discussion in general will profit from an interdisciplinary approach involving (among others) sociology, science and technology studies, (cyber)psychology, digital studies, anthropology, information science, economics, political science, gender studies and art.

If you are interested, please submit an abstract and check the details about the conference at:
and submit your abstracts by mid-July at:

Please feel free to forward the call to colleagues dealing with the topics of the conference  and encourage them to submit their proposals. I believe that the conference will be a great opportunity for exchanging ideas about the various crucial aspects of the digital transformation of labor. We also look forward to discussing with you new and innovative ways of supporting the International Network on Digital Labor, as well as the possibility of establishing a long term publishing project focusing on digital labor and related topics.