With just eight weeks to go before the We Move, race equality and migrants’ rights summit, over the weekend of 2 – 4 September, we are proud to announce the first of the fully confirmed sessions at the University of Leeds

We have:

  • Leading educationalist and academic Dr Aminul Hoque MBE discussing ‘a culturally responsive pedagogy’, seeking to explore how we teach in a way that meets the needs of racialised minority students
  • The UK BME Anti-Slavery Network will introduce their Race Equality Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan and share recommendations and indicators of progress for the UK Modern slavery and human trafficking sector.
  • We will be looking at Ujima – A Black Supplementary School in Chapeltown, exploring the historical context and current role of Black Supplementary Schools
  • Professor Lander from the Carnegie School of Education will explore the extent to which teacher training equips teachers to address racism in the classroom.
  • Busy Being Black, the award-winning podcast will be going live from the Summit where it will be exploring the fullness of queer Black lives.
  • Dr Sadiq Bhanbhro will screen ‘Exposed’ a ground-breaking documentary that combines the stories of 19 Black, Brown and migrant nurses and midwives speaking powerfully about their experiences of racism before, during and after the pandemic. The screening will be followed by a Q&A session.
  • The Ella Baker School of Organising will be sharing their workshop ‘South Asians organising in Britain’ which provides a historic overview of Asian organising in the UK with a workshop exploring what lessons this history provides for organising today.
  • Liberty, the leading human rights group, will facilitate a session looking at the value of using judicial review and strategic litigation as part of a process of making change happen. Liberty will also be looking at why we must defend the Human Rights Act which the government is planning to scrap.
  • Migrants Organise will be running a session on organising for justice, dignity and rights, which will include showing a number of short films about campaigns they have organised, alongside a workshop.
  • The National Council for Voluntary Action will be looking at how the voluntary sector can engage effectively to support race equality.
  • Leeds based PAFRAS: a community-based charity that supports destitute asylum seekers in the Leeds area will be looking at young people’s experience of the asylum process
  • The Black Leadership Group, a groups made up of educational leaders will present their ten point Plan for Action which they have used to support educational institutions seeking to address racism.
  • We will have a specific ‘world café’ session for black parents which will ask parents to consider a range of scenarios, and ask, what would you do, and what help would you need, if faced with this situation?
  • Our friends at Ubele Initiative will be showcasing the work of their Leeds based ‘future leaders’ programme.

These are just a selection of the sessions that are in the process of being confirmed, with further content to be confirmed with groups such as New Economics Foundation, Fawcett Society, Share Action,  the Trades Union Congress, Charity So White,  Living Wage Foundation and international law firm DLA Piper (and many more).

There is a sliding scale of prices for the weekend depending, on whether you, or your employer is paying. Ranging from £199 for people from the Statutory, Academic or Private sector or £50 for self-funded students or campaigners (including one over-night and all meals).

There are already  over 100 people registered to attend, and we are aiming for 500 in total. You can register here, and of course you can always help us reach the widest possible audience by cascading this email on, to friends, academics networks, students and campaigners.

If you cannot fly, run.

If you cannot run, walk.

If you cannot walk, then crawl.

But by all means keep moving!

We hope to see you in early September, and to work with you to win race equality and migrants’ rights over the coming months and years.