Time: Dec 7, 2022 03:30 PM London

In tandem with the British Universities Industries Relations Association, next Wednesday the Bristol Business School welcomes Peter Gahan from the University of Melbourne for a seminar on the rise and fall of enterprise agreement-making: the Australian experiment in collective bargaining since 1990. Here is an abstract:

From the late 1980s, wage determination in Australia evolved from a highly centralised system of award regulation and centralised wage fixing into a decentralised system based on enterprise agreement-making, often with little or limited collective bargaining involved.  Over the course of the 1990s and into the first decade of this century enterprise bargaining and agreement making expanded rapidly to become a dominant form of wage determination.  However, since then it has been in decline and more recently a sharper contract of coverage has been evident. In this presentation I explore the main contours of this evolution, and seek to explain why, notwithstanding attempts to revive it, enterprise bargaining has been a failed experiment.  In light of this, I also examine the current proposal to amend the bargaining framework in an attempt to revive the system and extend collective bargaining.

The seminar will be hybrid, with in-person attendance in Howard House 2.01 and online attendance via the Zoom details below. To attend in person please contact Pete Turnbull peter.turnbull@bristol.ac.uk

Topic: Peter Gahan – seminar

Time: Dec 7, 2022 03:30 PM London

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