Dr. Arron Phillips and Dr. Meghan Van Portfliet, along with Professor Anders Ortenblad are compiling an edited book on whistleblowing for Palgrave’s Debates in Business and Management Series. The stated intention of this series is “to take stock of controversial and complicated topics of debate within business and management, and to clearly present the variety of positions within it”. As such, we are looking for chapters that cover the different areas of whistleblowing that are debated.

As the focus of the book is on Business and Management each chapter should have some connection to this field. However, we consider Business and Management in the broadest of senses, so we welcome submissions from across the spectrum of fields, such as but not limited to Law, Business, Management, and Organisational Psychology. Examples include topics such as:

  • Speak up systems v legislation: do we need both?
  • Internal speak-up systems v external outsourced systems
  • HR’s role in whistleblowing
  • Can whistleblowing be avoided with a good culture?
  • Internal v external whistleblowing impacts on business
  • Whistleblowing as a strategic resource for organisations
  • The role of regulators in whistleblowing

Or any other area that is debated.

We invite abstracts of up to 400 words for consideration as a chapter in the book. Please email abstracts as a Word document to arron.phillips@bbk.ac.uk by January 16th 2023. Those selected will be notified in early spring 2023, with full chapters due in autumn 2023.

Examples of other books in the series can be found at: https://link.springer.com/series/16112

We look forward to hearing from you!