9th of March, 2pm to 4pm

The COVID pandemic highlighted the problems of increasingly prevalent employment models based on low wages and insecure work. The erosion of labour standards and job quality over several decades has contributed to the current heightened frequency of industrial action and challenges for employers in attracting and retaining workers.

This event will examine the social and economic importance of improving labour standards and job quality and how this can be achieved.

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Associate Professor Chris F Wright from the University of Sydney, currently a Distinguished Visiting Fellow at King’s Business School, will draw on his international research and his new book ‘Protecting the Future of Work’ (edited with Barry Colfer, Brian Harney and Colm McLaughlin) to discuss strategies for developing more secure employment models and better quality jobs for the benefit of organisations as well as employees.

Paul Nowak, the new General Secretary of the Trades Union Congress, which represents around 5.5 million workers in England and Wales, will present his thoughts on the union movement’s current strategies for raising labour standards and job quality.

Please note: this is a hybrid event with limited in-person space. There will be an opportunity for the online audience to ask questions, so please only register in-person if you are certain you will be able to attend.

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