The HRM-Employment Relations Group at University College Dublin is encouraging applications for UCD’s Ad Astra Fellowship positions in particular with a focus on International HRM and HR Analytics

Appointment Terms and Research Support

  • Ad Astra Fellow appointees will normally be appointed at the first salary point of Assistant Professor/Lecturer Above-the-Bar pay scale. € 58,206 – € 92,172 per annum
  • The initial term will be five years with the possibility of permanency after a four-year review of performance against targets set with the Head of School at commencement and approved at College and University level. These targets will include applying for a minimum of one externally-funded research grant each year, and there will normally be an expectation that at least one of these grant applications is successful for the four-year review to be satisfactory.
  • Relocation expenses will be paid in accordance with the UCD Relocation Policy up to a maximum of €4500.
  • Appointees will have a reduced teaching load for up to three years, with a teaching load of between one third and one half of the standard teaching load in the first year, between one half and two thirds in the second year and between two thirds and one of the standard teaching load in the third year.
  • Appointees will  receive research support for the first five years, which will normally consist of a PhD student scholarship and a budget for research costs of €5000 per annum.
  • Appointees without a formal university teaching qualification will be expected to undertake the UCD Professional Certificate in University Teaching and Learning. Further requirements for satisfactory performance will be determined and will include a specified number of high-quality research publications appropriate for the discipline.

(See: UCD Ad Astra Fellows)