11 October 2023

Hamilton House, University of Greenwich

Years of austerity, rising inflation and a cost-of-living crisis have led to a wide range of pay disputes across the public sector. Workers have sought to regain the real value of earnings eroded by low pay increases and tight pay controls over a number of years. Strikes have taken place across the NHS, in schools and universities, in the civil service and many other sectors.

This seminar will examine what has happened to pay in the public and private sectors. Speakers will address the role of the Government and the trade unions in the disputes, the importance of the balloting process and the tactics deployed by different unions. It will address the contentious role of the Pay Review Bodies and reflect on future pay prospects.


Ken Mulkearn, Director, Incomes Data Research: Real pay development across the private and public sectors

Joseph Evans, IPPR, Pay, inflation and real earnings,

Nicola Allison, Remuneration advisor, Office for Manpower Economics: Public sector pay and the role of the Pay Review Bodies

Helga Pile, Deputy Head of Health, Unison: Pay developments and industrial relations in the NHS

Amy Leversidge, Assistant General secretary, FDA union, The challenges of civil service pay.

Panel discussion: Pay determination and the Pay Review Bodies.

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