The next ILERA Council meeting will take place on Friday, June 27 2024 at 4:15pm EST during the upcoming 20th ILERA World Congress, to be held in person in New York City (at the NYC mid-town Hilton Hotel) between 26 and 29 June.

The Council will elect the next President-elect of ILERA as well as Executive Committee members for vacant positions.

At the conclusion of the 20th ILERA World Congress, Professor Harry Katz from the US will step down as President of ILERA, and Professor Rae Cooper from the Australia, the current President-elect, will assume the role as President of ILERA.

Nominations are invited for the next President-elect of ILERA.

The next President-elect of ILERA will assume the role as President at the conclusion of the 20th ILERA World Congress in 2024, and serve a three-year-term and be responsible for the organisation of the 21st ILERA World Congress in 2027.

In selecting the President-elect, the nominee’s engagement in ILERA and contributions to the field of labour and employment relations is of importance, as well as the capacity to organise a World Congress. Furthermore, geographical rotation and gender equality will be taken into account.

Nominations are invited for members of the ILERA Executive Committee for the period 2024–2027.

There are vacant positions representing the African, Asian and European regions.

The Executive Committee of ILERA is responsible for determining the programme of the Association, subject to such guidance or instruction as it may receive from the Council.

Letters of nominations should be accompanied by the nominee’s résumé/curriculum vitae or by a substantial account of the accomplishments of the nominee, including his/her engagement in ILERA, and should be sent to the ILERA Secretariat at

Deadline for nominations: 23 April 2024