Chair: Dr Elisa Pannini, CREW

The past two years have seen very high inflation and a cost of living crisis. There have been a wide range of strikes across both the public and private sectors and a much higher level of pay settlements. In the public sector the Pay Review Bodies have been severely tested. There have been large increases in the National Minimum Wage, continuing in April 2024. Although most media attention has been on strikes in the NHS, schools and the civil service, in reality average earnings growth has been higher in the private sector than the public sector, with the highest increases in the finance and business services sector.

Where do we go from here? What is the employers’ agenda? What are the unions looking for? Will there be reform of the Pay Review Bodies? Will a change of government lead to a new remit for the Low Pay Commission? What are the unresolved issues from the disputes of the past two years? This webinar seeks to review the current picture and contemplate future developments.

Our expert speakers are as follows:

Dr Duncan Brown. Independent reward consultant and Visiting Professor at the University of Greenwich.

Tim Butcher. Chief Economist and Deputy Secretary, Low Pay Commission

Louisa Withers and Ken Mulkearn. Incomes Data Research.

This is a hybrid webinar and you can either attend either in person or online.  Details of how to register for this event on Eventbrite and how to find Hamilton House are shown below.


If attending in person there will be a buffet lunch available at 1pm.