Annual Report of BUIRA History of Industrial Relations Study Group



The BUIRA History of IR Study Group held one meeting this year, which was well attended through Zoom, organised by the University of Westminster.


The seminar, The Equal Pay Act 50 years on: How Labour Governments have dealt with equal pay (9 December 2021), focused on the origins and impact of the Equal Pay Act (1970) on industrial relations under the 1974-79 Labour Governments, and then how (New) Labour Governments attempted to deal with persistent gender pay gaps from 1997 onwards, in the context of wider employment and industrial relations regulation, including the Equality Act (2010). Frances Galt (Research Fellow, University of West of England) spoke on Women’s Industrial Militancy and the Equal Pay Act 1970, and she was followed by Susan Milner (University of Bath) on Labour Market Policy Regulation and Industrial Relations in the (New) Labour Years: The Problem of the Gender Pay Gap.


We are beginning to plan for next academic year (2022/23), and would greatly welcome ideas for themes and speakers. Without themes and speakers, we can’t hold seminars – please do contact us!



Michael Gold

Linda Clarke

08 June 2022