The 2019 BUIRA Conference took place at Newcastle University Business School, 5 Barrack Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK from 1st-3rd July 2019.

Uncertain Futures/Fractured Worlds:

The future of employment regulation and rights after Brexit.

Newcastle University Business School, 1-3 July 2019

Call for papers

As the withdrawal of the UK from the European Union occurs only months prior to our conference next year, a major question we need to discuss will be around the uncertain future of employment legislation and regulation post Brexit.

A substantial amount of UK employment legislation is grounded in EU law.  Does this mean that the withdrawal from the EU will mean UK employment rights currently guaranteed by EU law would no longer be so guaranteed?  Theresa May had confirmed that workers’ existing legal rights will be guaranteed during her period in office – but her position has looked untenable for some time now, even more so recently.  A post-Brexit government could seek to amend or remove any of these.  Of course, what would be amended or removed is a much more open question, since it is affected by the political ideology of a future Government. We are fully aware of previous Conservative administrations’ long-standing opposition to many EU social rights.

What then, could be the effect on individuals who rely directly on EU law (i.e. the right to equal pay, agency workers, working time rights)?

Empirical (both quantitative and qualitative), analytical, conceptual and methodological papers are all welcome. We would particularly appreciate submissions from early career researchers and doctoral students. Papers concerning topics under the following headings will be particularly welcome:

  • Migrant workers from the EU and their position
  • Challenges for Trade Unions
  • Implications for Equality and Diversity
  • The EU and the (future of the) Social Dimension