Annual Report: Central London BUIRA 2020-2021


Only two seminars were organised for the programme this year, each held virtually and attracting large numbers (30-50), with many more registering (40-70) and also downloading the subsequent recordings. The first was focussed on the marketisation of the UK higher education system and the second on the transforming employment relation today, a theme then followed up in the BUIRA IR History series the following month, which was about the origins and development of the employment contract. Each involved lively discussions. The more international theme of the second seminar attracted those from a variety of countries besides UK, including Belgium, Italy, Slovakia and Switzerland.


Thursday 15th April 2021:

Higher education, marketisation, REF/TEF & employment relations:

Prof Dorothy Bishop (Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford) on REF and TEF: Whose interests do they serve?

Dr Olga Kuznetsova (Manchester Metropolitan University) on Employee Relations in Marketising Universities: a case study


Thursday 20th May 2021:

The transforming employment relation

Prof Valeria Pulignano (KU Leuven) on Emerging ‘Grey Zones’ at the Interface of Work and Home: Advancing Research and Theory on Precarious Work (with Glenn Morgan, Univ. Bristol)

Prof Patricia Leighton (University of South Wales) on Precarious working: causes, compexities and responses, but maybe better ways forward?


Linda Clarke

Michael Gold

June 2020