The British Universities Industrial Relations Association (BUIRA) was founded in 1950.

Initially entitled the Inter-University Study Group in Industrial Relations, the name of BUIRA has been adopted since 1967. During its early years the association served mainly as a network for the exchange of ideas at an annual meeting.

BUIRA still hosts its annual conference, but the association also supports a wider set of activities, including a vibrant doctoral network, a series of thematic study groups and occasional publications.

Since it was first established, BUIRA is overseen by a President of the Association, a team of Stewards (currently including officers with responsibility for communications, membership and financing) and an Executive (with members elected every three years).

Source: Berridge, J. and Goodman, J.F.B. (1988) The British Universities Industrial Relations Association: The first 35 years, British Journal of Industrial Relations, 26: 155-177